About Us


We produce foods because we care
about our customers’ wellbeing and enjoyment

Peace by Peas was born out of the passion, the perseverance and the vision of a group of people who had the privilege to realize the importance of the tradition and the need for food of the next generation.

Our goal is to be part of the new food culture which is coming to stay. This culture demands respect to the environment and to the lives and health of all living beings without ignoring at all the need for deep and strong taste.

We produce a variety of foods processed only naturally with traditional methods from all over the world using local ingredients. Low ecological print, environmentally friendly, sustainable, healthy and very tasty, our products is the solution to many of the problems that the majority of the people with awareness, considering food, face today.

The variety of our products can meet everyone’s needs. From the busy individual worker who wants a healthy satisfying ready-to-eat meal at his break, to the innovative chef of a fusion restaurant who wants new ingredients to experiment and differentiate and from the idealistic vegan to the hesitant reducetarian, all can find the solution that falls into their needs.

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What do we do?

We produce foods that help people improve their lifestyle by enjoying Tastier healthy nutrition. We are creating our unique food technologies to produce foods for any kitchen need, all easy to use, tasty and very beneficial for individual health and planetary sustainability. “Healthy food is finally exciting!”


Our Vision

We use tradition to produce innovation. We offer tasty, nutritious, and unique foods, with minimum environmental impact, that assists people to have a balanced diet, be healthier and enjoy life to the maximum.

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History Of Us

It all started in 2010, when we decided to change our eating patterns and started producing our own special foods. Pretty fast many people adopted them as well and the production was on…for friends!