a natural process, through which, beneficial microorganisms
transform a material into a new form, usually by denaturating
the proteins or carbohydrates of the material.

Bowl of Miso Paste

Fermentation is a process that can be done completely naturally and has been used since ancient times to preserve and improve the quality of food.

Most types of foods and materials in our diet can be fermented. Yogurt is the result of the fermentation of milk, while other well-known fermentation products are beer, wine, several cheeses, soy sauce, sauerkraut, miso, kefir, leavened bread, Tempeh, Natto, Amazake etc.

Fermented foods have long been recognized for their rich taste and the multiple benefits they offer to the gut flora and the health in general. With fermentation the number of probiotics, enzymes, B vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids contained in food increases significantly. This results in the restoration of the balance of friendly bacteria in the gut, which leads to the relief of digestive problems. In addition, the fermentation process helps to break down the nutrients in the food, thus facilitating their digestion and assimilation.

Peace by Peas Recipie

For the production of our products we combine a variety of carefully selected fermentation techniques with traditional ingredients, such as legumes and cereals, and our own secrets and recipes. From meat substitutes to desserts without added sugar and from long-lasting pastes to ready-to-eat spreads, our products offer the optimal fuel for a healthy gut and satisfied taste buds.

Great taste is crucial for us. It is, in fact, a major reason we choose our food for.

The theory that healthy foods can not be delicious has long since collapsed. Fermentation products are extremely tasty, in fact even tastier than conventional ones, as the fermentation acts as a flavor enhancer.

At Peace by Peas we love taste, we seek it, we choose it, we create it.

We want to enjoy every bite, just as we want to enjoy our lives every day. Healthy, smiling… satisfied by taste!

Enjoy Peace by Peas products every day. It is a quick, simple, extremely tasty and healthy solution for any meal, as it is very easy to cook. Take advantage of all the ways you are given to consume them and… let us know about any new ways you will think of!