Taste +

Tempeh Burger

Taste, is no.1 factor in choosing food, for most people.
For us has the same importance

If we ask anybody what she/he thinks when hearing the words “Healthy Food”, some of the most possible answers are “Boring”, “Not tasty”, “Blunt” the list goes on…

That is what we took care of in Peace by Peas. Since we love great tasting foods ourselves, we would never settle with a mediocre taste in our products.

You see, we have our way of making tasty products. It is called “FERMENTATION”!!!

Fermentation enhances foods’ taste, and also the use of fermented products in our recipes of our “Ready-to-use” products elevate even further the taste experience of the user.

Now, Taste can be synonymous to Healthy…and the opposite!

chickpeas-dry SusanaMartins Pixabay

What do we do?

We produce foods that help people improve their lifestyle by enjoying Tastier healthy nutrition. We are creating our unique food technologies to produce foods for any kitchen need, all easy to use, tasty and very beneficial for individual health and planetary sustainability. “Healthy food is finally exciting!”


Our Vision

We use tradition to produce innovation. We offer tasty, nutritious, and unique foods, with minimum environmental impact, that assists people to have a balanced diet, be healthier and enjoy life to the maximum.

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History Of Us

It all started in 2010, when we decided to change our eating patterns and started producing our own special foods. Pretty fast many people adopted them as well and the production was on…for friends!