About our Dream + Team

We believe that people can improve their lifestyle by enjoying Tastier healthy food.

Our Creations

Meat Substitutes

Plant-based proteins that beat the meat in taste and nutrition

Dairy Alternatives

Great new experience of savory taste, without any saturates

Sugar-free Desserts

Feel good with sweets, without feeling down

Probiotic Seasonings

Uplifting taste, your guts will also love it!

Featured Products

Ready-to-eat or Ready-to-cook, you will find solutions for every professional or home kitchen needs.


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Healthy becomes Exciting!

Healthy food must be very Tasty. Fermentation gives extra savor and excites the tasting buds, offering a New Gastronomic Experience

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We are the pioneers of Fermentation in Greece. We create new food choices by using traditional fermentation techniques, and local ingredients, processing them further in our own unique way.

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Do you believe Healthy is Tasty?

We do! Because we ‘ve been trying hard for years to make our plate as healthy as possible, and as tasty as possible. Sharing the same needs with everyone, we also want our food to be tasty, yet not heavy.

Try Peace by Peas, and you ‘ll never again think taste and Health don’t go together.

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